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ERPI Deployed on Weblogic: Multiple Sets of ODI Scenarios Are Triggered When Running a Single ERPI Data Load Rule From FDM
Posted by Priya Doyle on 04 February 2011 12:33 PM

ERPI Deployed on Weblogic: Multiple Sets of ODI Scenarios Are Triggered When Running a Single ERPI Data Load Rule From FDM.

 Modified 10-NOV-2010

Applies to:

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management - Version: and later   [Release: 11.1 and later ]
Oracle Weblogic Server - Version: 8.1 to 9.2]
Oracle Data Integrator - Version: and later    [Release: 10gR3 and later]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


  • Multiple sets of the ODI scenarios that are launched for an ERPI data load are being launched at 5 minute intervals as seen in the ODI Operator.
  • This only seems to occur when running the ERPI load rule from FDM.
  • When the same data load rule is run from the ERPI web interface this issue does not occur.


The HungServerRecoverSecs & WLIOTimeoutSecs settings for the WebLogic plug-in for the HTTP server need re-configuring. The ERPI data load rule is taking too long to run and is causing a timeout to occur which then retriggers the ODI scenarios. The default setting for these timeouts is 300 seconds (ie 5 minutes).


Depending on the HTTP server that is in use the solutions are:

1. IIS HTTP Server

Locate the iisproxy.ini file for ERPI on the IIS web server. The exact location of this file depends on how you initially configured the WebLogic plugin. See this document for more information:

Once you have located it, add the two following option to the iisproxy.ini file:

HungServerRecoverSecs 1800
WLIOTimeoutSecs 1800

The WLIOTimeoutSecs option defines the amount of time the WebLogic plug-in waits for a response to a request from WebLogic Server. The plug-in waits for 'HungServerRecoverSecs' for the server to respond and then declares that server dead. The value should be set to a value larger than the time the ERPI data load rule takes to execute. The above example shows a setting of 30 minutes (1800 seconds).

2. Apache HTTP Server

Increase the timeout setting in the HYSL-Weblogic.conf file located in %HYPERION_HOME%\common\httpServers\Apache\<version>

Add Parameter:

WLIOTimeoutSecs 1800

This sets the timeout to 1800 seconds or 30 minutes.

Example File

PathTrim /
KeepAliveEnabled ON
KeepAliveSecs 20
WLIOTimeoutSecs 1800
HungServerRecoverSecs 1800


NOTE:1050602.1 - Workspace/Planning/Business Rules Deployed on WebLogic Timing Out

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