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How to Verify EBS Setup for DrillBack to EBS in FDM
Posted by Priya Doyle on 04 February 2011 01:09 PM

How to Verify EBS Setup for DrillBack to EBS in FDM 

 Modified 20-AUG-2010 

Applies to:

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management - Version: to - Release: 11.1 to 11.1
Information in this document applies to any platform.


What is the process to verify that Oracle EBS is setup to allow FDM to drillback into EBS to view the source data that was loaded into FDM?


The following steps can be performed against the EBS database to verify correct setup on the EBS side for FDM drillback functionality:

1.  Verify that all patches documented in the Financial Data Quality Management readme guide have been applied, and that the EBS middle tier has been restarted after the patches have been applied successfully by running the following query:

select * from ad_bugs where bug_number = '(bugnumber)';

Oracle E-Business Suite Compatibility and Patches 
The FDM drill-back feature supports Oracle E-Business Suite versions 11.5, 12.0.6, and 12.1.1. The following patches are required for Oracle E-Business Suite version 11.5: 
• 4396821 and 8307232 (replaces patch 6902648) 
Pre-requisite patches for patch 4396821: 
• 3262919 - Patch 11i.FWK.H 
• 2032040 - WORKFLOW 2.6 FOR APPLICATIONS 11i 
• 3180816 - Patch 11i.AD.I 
• 2917019 - New Profile Hierarchies: Security, Server and Organization 
The following patch is required Only for Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.0.6: 
• 8345468:R12.GL.A 
Patches are available on the Oracle Support site.
There are no patches for R12.1.x onward.

2. Locate the proper function id to set in the source adapters option menu by running the following query:

select function_id, function_name from fnd_form_functions 
where function_name = 'GLAADPAGE'; 

3. Locate the proper responsibility_id to set in the source adapters option menu by running the following query:

where RESPONSIBILITY_NAME like &responsibility_name;

The responsibility_name parameter is the responsibility name which is being 
used for the drillback functionality.

4. Verify that for the menu_id returned in step #3, that the GLAADPAGE function is attached.  The following query should be ran to verify this, it should return the menu id returned in step #3:

select menu_id, menu_name from fnd_menus where 
menu_id in ( select c.menu_id from fnd_compiled_menu_functions c, 
fnd_form_functions f 
where c.function_id = f.function_id and 
f.function_name = 'GLAADPAGE' );

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