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Hyperion Enterprise Client Crash In Windows XP
Posted by Priya Doyle on 14 February 2011 02:02 PM

Hyperion Enterprise Client Crash In Windows XP

 Modified 31-JAN-2011     Type PROBLEM  

Applies to:

Hyperion Enterprise - Version: and later   [Release: 6.5 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Repeated and sudden Client crashes / hangs with newly deployed Oracle Hyperion Enterprise (Enterprise) version 6.5.1

Data vanishes or disappears from the application.

Variants or the error ChappFile Readfrom SysFile returned (followed by a reason string i.e Reached the end of the file): Terminating Current Session.

Note, the reason string may very.

a. The error happens at various times and with various client operations. Data Entry , Consolidation, Reporting,  Database operations such as Locking etc.

b. The system has recently been upgraded and after an event an of the ChappFile message, if the application is restored from back-up, after a short while the issue may return immediately.

c. Data Loss is also seen after some of the noted events and then can re-occur again if the fix for this issue is not applied.


Recent Upgrade to Oracle Hyperion Enterprise 6.5.1.


A code issue with File locking was identified in version 6.5.1 which causes the Chapp|File file errors and potentially data corruption/data loss.

The issue can occur under various scenarios where multiple users and or connection are at present.


In order to resolve the issue of sudden and unexpected ChappFile messages appearing in Oracle Hyperion Enterprise (Enterprise) 6.5.1 the follow software upgrade needs to be applied. 

Patch 9685920  Oracles Hyperion Enterprise Release Service Fix...

Please refer to the patch Readme file for full instructions of installing this patch but please note the following.

Once installed if Enterprise is run, from Help menu > About Hyperion Enterprise, the version is displayed. 

The patch will address the cause of the issue and prevent the error re-occurring on a clean application.

The patch will NOT repair an application which has suffered Data Loss during an incident of the error prior to the patch being installed.

ALL machines running Hyperion Enterprise 6.5.1 need to be patched...Including Citrix/Terminal Servers , Client workstations and Application Servers. Note: Citrix/Terminal Server Workstations which do NOT have a local installation of Enterprise, do not need to be patched.

If the application in question has suffered data loss , then a back-up which was taken prior to the incidents of data loss must be restored or the application re-built in if use of 6.5.1 is early it deployment an application conversion from the prior release can also be performed.

Note Chappfile Error Messages may also appear for reasons other than the issues addressed in the patch above. This Patch 9685920: Oracles Hyperion Enterprise Release Service Fix is only designed to address ChapFile messages and Data Loss in version 6.5.1. 

This patch is not applicable to prior versions of Enterprise and if these errors persist after the installation of the patch , please contact Oracle Support.

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