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TROUBLESHOOTING:Security for the Hyperion Enterprise Backup Utility
Posted by Priya Doyle on 16 February 2011 10:00 AM

Security for the Hyperion Enterprise Backup Utility [ID 1073807.1]

 Modified 17-MAY-2010     Type TROUBLESHOOTING 

Applies to:

Hyperion Enterprise - Version: and later   [Release: 6.5 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This document describes how to diagnose the back up utility if it does not run.

Last Review Date

May 17, 2010

Instructions for the Reader

A Troubleshooting Guide is provided to assist in debugging a specific issue. When possible, diagnostic tools are included in the document to assist in troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Details

Components to review to ensure a backup runs

Checking the Enterprise User ID:

  1. Launch the Applications Module
  2. From the menu bar select Navigate - Security
  3. Click on Maintain Tasks and check the security class attached to the option of Application Backup
  4. Navigate to the upper right corner and using the drop down arrow under Show Task for Module and  choose Applications.
  5. Scroll down until you come to the tasks of Application Backup & Application Restore and check the security class assigned to these tasks.
  6. On the left side of the screen choose Maintain Classes and find the security class that has been assigned to the task of Application Backup and Application Restore.
  7. Highlight that security class and navigate to the top of the screen and choose the option Assign Class Rights
  8. Highlight the security class and on the second tab on the bottom choose Assign Rights making sure this security class has Modify rights assigned
  9. On the left side of the screen choose Maintain Groups
  10. Highlight the group that the user is assigned.
  11. At the top of the screen, Choose Assign Group Rights
  12. Select the group and click on the Assign rights Tab at the bottom of the window pane making sure that the class assigned to the group is one that has modify rights.
  13. On the left side of the screen choose Maintain Users
  14. At the top of the screen choose Assign User Rights
  15. Find the user and highlight them and then at the bottom of the Window choose the tab Assign Rights
  16. Verify the security class for this user

Verify that the Windows User ID is a local Administrator.  This User ID will be used within the backup module

  1. Right Click on My Computer on the desktop or from the start menu
  2. Go to Manage
  3. Expand Local Users and Groups
  4. Highlight Groups
  5. Double click Administrators
  6. Make sure the Windows id is in the Administrators Group

Configuring the Backup

  1. Open Application module and launch Application Backup module through Task -  Backup Application(s) .
  2. ‘Application Backup’ module will be launched.
  3. On the Backup Profile Tab select a ‘New Profile’, enter a new profile name in the pop up dialog.
  4. Select application(s) to take backup from ‘Available Applications’ list box.
  5. Select the path where the application backup files will be stored in ‘Archive applications backups to ’.
  6. Select the ‘Run as’ user and provide the appropriate password with respect to selected user.
  7. By selecting ‘Run only if logged on’ enables only the windows logged on user to run the backup.
  8. Select ‘Enabled (Scheduled task runs at specified time)’ to take application backup at scheduled time (default it will be checked).
  9. Enabling ‘Messaging’ options will let user send a broadcast message to users in the backed up application at a specified interval.
  10. From the Methods Tab choose the Profile
  11. Make sure the option of Full Application is checked
  12. Provide the user ID and Password (Hyperion ID & Password)
  13. Move to the Schedule Tab
  14. Choose when you want the back up to run and the Start time
  15. Schedule the task (How often this must run everyday or once a week)
  16. Choose the Duration time which means the Start & End dates
  17. Now the back up is scheduled to run.

If the Back up does not run check the following:

Create a Manual Backup task creation: (Verification for Microsoft Task Scheduler)
  1. Windows Explorer - Control Panel - Scheduled Tasks
  2. Right-click and create New Scheduled task with a unique Task Name
  3. Specify the following command for the Run box (Enterprise install path): (ex.) "C:\Program Files\Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Enterprise\HeAutoBackup.exe" <Scheduled_Task_Name_Goes_Here>
  4. Specify the following in the Start in box: (ex.) "C:\Program Files\Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Enterprise"
  5. Specify the correct user credentials to run the scheduled task
  • The Network user ID should be able to create any other non-Hyperion tasks like for example running Notepad, Calculator etc… If the Non Enterprise user ID cannot create such tasks then Hyperion Application Backup task will also not get created.
  • The Hyperion Enterprise user ID that you use to set up a backup must have a password.  Using a user ID with a blank password to setup backup will cause the backup to fail.
  • “Interact with Desktop” needs to be checked for the Task Scheduler service in the Start - Run - 'Services.msc' panel.

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