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Server Based Processing is No Longer Working After Upgrading to Enterprise 6.5.1
Posted by David Irwin (Import) on 08 October 2010 04:08 PM

Instructions for the Reader

A Troubleshooting Guide is provided to assist in debugging a specific issue. When possible, diagnostic tools are included in the document to assist in troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Details

Troubleshooting Details

  1. Log into the converted application
  2. Open the Application module
  3. Click on the Sever Tab (3rd one in from left)
  4. The Application Server ID is blank


Checking Server Administration

  1. Log into the converted application.
  2. Open the Application module.
  3. Go to Navigate-Server Administration.
  4. On the left Pane highlight Application server.
  5. On the right side of the window the server id is blank again, and the name of the server or IP address cannot be typed in.


Migrating server information from the HSvrCtrl.dat file to the HEServers.xml file, perform these actions:

  1. From Server Administration highlight Server Management, right click and choose Migrate Servers.
  2. Browse to the HSvrCtrl.dat on the old server (previous version).
  3. Once that file is found highlight it and select open.
  4. In the left corner select Migrate.
  5. The message the that database was migrated successfully will appear.
  6. Select ok.
  7. On the left Window Pane select Application Settings.
  8. On the right side for the database path using the drop down arrow, go to browse and select the HEServers.xml file on the 6.5.1 install.
  9. Now the Server Name is filled in in both Server Administration and on the Server tab.


This change was done because...

1. The HSvrCtrl.dat was a binary file and needed HAdmin.exe to view all server information. After moving the server information to HEServers.xml it has become readable and easy to maintain.
2. Hyperion Enterprise HAdmin utility was responsible to only depict Application Server information. The new Enterprise Server Admin module has to maintain server information about App Server, DataServer, Message Server etc… To make this easy to maintain in a single place, we have the concept of HEServers.xml.

Migrate Process: When we click the Migrate button, the server information from HSvrCtrl.dat is read and populated as XML entries into the HEServers.xml. All application server entries for every unique AppServer from the HSvrctrl.dat are written to the HEServers.xml.

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