Drill Back Error Message: No Locations were found matching the passed Intersection values....
Posted by Ben Collins on 31 May 2012 03:49 PM

The Drill Back issue from HFM to FDM can be caused by a number of factors:


1. There is a known issue with Oracle where the issue occurs when one day data is exported to a certain POV and then the next export load file does not contain that specific data HFM does not update the cell to remove the symbol. 

Oracle tried this for 11.2.2 and it effected the adaptor performance. It is recommended to clarify to the users that if they wish to drill back it is exactly to what has last been exported to HFM from FDM. The drill back simply works by connecting to the latest Export file in the FDM outbox for that particular POV. HFM does not update the cells to drill back or no longer drill back.
2. When this error occurrs please check that the Dimension Headings, Labels in FDM match HFM. For example is in HFM if Custom1 is actually named "Movements" then in FDM Custom1 should also be named "Movements"
3. When updating the Period Control table "Periods" via excel the FDM table "tPOVPeriod" is updated. However the update of this table is not automatically filtered to table "tPOVPeriodAdaptor". This is also a known issue with Oracle, however their recommendation is manually update the table. A more efficient approach is to amend the excel template exported from the "Periods" control table.
The following changes to excel template are:
1. Unhide rows 5 to 8
2. Change table name from "tPOVPeriod" to tPOVPeriodAdaptor"
3. Replace the second column too "InsystemKey"
4. Populate the rows to the bottom of the table with the Target System Adaptor (FM11X-G5-E)
5. Remove column "Text Description"
6. Rename the excel file and save.
7. Log into FDM Web Client 
8. Go to "Tools" and select "Import XLS"
9. Click Browse to locate your saved excel file
      10. Click "Import"
      11. With access to the SQL Server confirm that the table "tPOVPeriodAdatpor" has been updated accordingly.
      12. Test the Drill Back with a POV that has recently been load through FDM.
Please find attached screen shots of changes and testing results.
In essence the tables "tPOVPeriod" and "tPOVPeriodAdaptor" must match with regards to the same number of periods and years.

 753 - drill back issue.docx (304.54 KB)
 753 - drill back production.docx (236.27 KB)
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