Business Rules Error with many Members Assigned to Global Variable [ID 1228587.1]
Posted by Priya Doyle on 26 October 2012 01:44 PM

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Applies to:

Hyperion Planning - Version: and later   [Release: 9.3 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


When attempting to add many members to 'Default Value' of Global variable of Business Rule the following error occurs:
Error while sending command to HBR Server running within the EAS server.
Detail:com.hyperion.hbr.excp.DatabaseException.<init>(java.lang.String, [Ljava.lang.Object;, com.hyperion.hbr.excp.ExceptionSeverity, java.lang.Throwable)

Alternatively if you create variables to hold these selections the rule is unable to validate resulting something similar to:
Detail:Cannot calculate. Analytic Server Error(1200422): Error parsing  formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 3): expected type [BOOLEAN] found [MEMBER] in function [OR]


This is due to character limit on column in table HBRVARIABLES VALUE VARCHAR2(255).

Using custom list of members assigned to variable. 
eg. GVar1 "300000", "310000", "311000", "400000",...


Large cherry-pick-lists are not recommended due to table column limits and generated script size.  Instead Essbase functions should be used, hence the excluded section was added in the multi member selector to make it easier to build a selection using functions.

If the selection cannot be built using the children or decendants functions, use the @UDA function.  Members can be tagged with an UDA in the outline.
Storing the selection in the outline is safer than storing it in an Business Rule variable.


NOTE:757803.1 - Why Does Adding Too Many Values To Default Value Of Global Variable Fail?

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