Multiple Errors (Unable to QI the IHsvClusterController object on the remote server, The Parameter is incorrect, RPC Server is unavailable) on Metadata Loading via Workspace for
Posted by Ben Collins on 29 November 2013 02:59 PM

RPC Server is unavailable - As you have confirmed this warning occurs after a successful load of the metadata file. What this is indicating is that when sending a request to "LOAD METADATA" the system is waiting for a response from the Primary server. This makes sense as Merlins system is a multiple server application and when the Primary server does not respond then the request will go to the secondary server.

When I state "not responding" this is means there is either a network performance problem, or the Primary server has stopped responding.

This also answers your question regarding the Cluster error (Unable to QI the IHsvClusterController object on the remote server) as this includes both your application servers whereas in your development environment you simply have one application server.

For the error The Parameter is incorrect - As this is also occurring around the time of a Metadata Load Oracle have indicated it is an unpublished bug (14399702) and patching to will resolve this as well. However in the meantime the Workaround is to restart the services on ALL the Application Servers. In this case BOTH.

Therefore I believe going forward whenever you need to end the processes make sure they have been on BOTH application Servers.

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