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Hi Tanya,

This update is just info only.

Make backup copy of application
Add new category for prior year (date specific eg 2013)
Edit formulae to include new category in "Category" statements (7 logic files to amend)
Lock all users out of the system
Update rollover sets to include new category (change in Rollset - LastYear)
Order of rollover most important, run lastyear/actuals/budget/fullclear
Check dates in categories (pay attention to categories in full clear rollover set....previously dates have NOT incremented (?))
Unlock users

Client to then unlock all periods/all categories and reconsolidate all, then relock all

After completing the rollover, go into data-entry for the category last year. Set to Global, then Re-enter the closing exchange euro rates which should be 1.00000 for each period. Calc and save.

This will force the opening exchange rates to recalculate. Then consolidate all impacted in the usual way.

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