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How to Restore a Backup Enterprise Application. For non- Active Directory Users
Posted by Ben Collins, Last modified by Ben Collins on 22 August 2014 12:02 PM

Please note these steps are specifically for Applications that DO NOT use Active Directory for user Access. It is only for Native user access.


1. Make sure you have the relevant backup restored.

2. Make sure all users are logged off the current Live application.

3. Go to the Folder path location where the application resides. For example: Server\Hyperion65\Spark2

4. Rename the Application. For example: Spark2 changed to Spark2_210814

5. Make sure the backup copy is in the same location as the Live application. For example: Server\Hyperion65\

6. Rename the backup copy, if required, as the Live application. For example: Spark2_190814 change to Spark2

7. Make sure that the permissions on the Live application folder are correct. Users will need to have read and write access. Compare this with the recently renamed Live application.

8. Log into the application and test the consolidations, etc that were giving you the errors.

9. If all is successful please request users to check data, if necessary.

Note: depending on how recent the backup is the users may need to reload their data.


Email discussion:

Keith, Tanya, the issue today where no users were able to access the restored Spark2 application is caused by permissions to the restored Spark2 folder. During live operation when users are using the application they have modify permission to the Spark2 folder. When a restore is done, admin users have modify permission to the folder but the other users do not. The other users are all contained within a group and it is a simple change to give them the modify permission they need, just by applying modify to the group. Ryan is going to build this into the restore process notes for any future restores. You should also note this, as we will, because it may not be Ryan who does a restore. Regards Frank



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