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How to Extract Data from a Recently Replaced Application. - For non-Active Directory Applications Only.
Posted by Ben Collins, Last modified by Ben Collins on 22 August 2014 12:30 PM

Please note these steps are specifically for Applications that DO NOT use Active Directory for user Access. It is only for Native user access.

1. Locate the recently replace application.

2. Make sure that the following files as well as the application folder itself are the same name. For example the application folder is called Spark2_210814 Spark2_210814.EXA Spark2_210814 - This is the .ini Config file. It does not display a file type like the others. However make sure the first 4 lines have been updated with the application name and path. Spark2_210814.LOK Spark2_210814.mdb Spark2_210814.USE

3. Log into Entperise(current Live application - Spark2). Alternatively from the Enterprise logon screen, select Add Application and go to point 6.

4. Go to Open Application.

5. Click on Add

6. A Window will pop-up asking the type of applicaiton to add. Please select "File-based Application". Click OK.

7. Browse to find the application (Spark2_210814) folder you want to add.

8. Select the Spark2_210814.EXA file and click Open.

9. You should see the application "Spark2_210814" in the application list.

10. Click OK.

11. Enter your credentials.

12. From the menu select File, Preferences, Application and check that you are correctly pathed to the application, Spark2_210814.

13. Go to Edit - Point Of View.

14. Just simply click on all tabs then click OK.

15. Go to Database

16. Select the POV that contains the data you require.

17. Extract the Data. Note: enter "9" in the decimal field.

18. Saved the .DAT file into the current Live application Inbox.

19. Log into the current Live application (Spark2).

20. Go to Database - Task - Load Data. Note: Tick the "Calculate Formula" option.

21. Check numbers.

22. Once all users have confirmed data is correct go to File - Open Application - Highlight the old application (Spark2_210814) NOT the current Live application. Click on Remove. This only removes the application from the application list in the HYPENT.INI file. It does NOT delete the application. 

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