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Greencore Treasury Year End Rollover Process
Posted by Ben Collins, Last modified by Ben Collins on 21 October 2014 11:33 AM

Treasury in Greencore is held in two categories.

Current year, consisting of 65 weeks, being weeks 1 to 53 in current year, and then periods 54 to 65 being week 1 to 12 in the next year, And TreasuryLY (last year) consisting of 53 weeks.

We cannot simply use the rollover function as Treasury Last Year has fewer periods than current year. 

Please ensure that after the Rollover function has completed the category "Treasury" contains "WK1" within the "Start Period" field. If not please run through the following steps:

locked all users out and closed all enterprise instances.. (we had Extracted the data as a backup.)

Navigated through explorer to the application/data folder, renamed treasury relaunched hyperion, changed the start of the category to wk1, saved and closed.

Renamed category in explorer, re-opened enterprise and checked dates.

Then launched schedules and checked data was intact and reports were correct.

Once the Rollover has been completed and the "Treasury" category has the correct start week. Please continue with the following:



So we have to move the data manually. Set POV to Treasury, set organisation and Top company, select entity list all input.

Highlight all periods, select include calculated and global and set decimals to 5 , extract.(this is a backup) Repeat for periods 1 to 53, and then a separate extract for periods 54 to 65.

Open the extract file for weeks 1 to 53 and change the category to TreasuryLY, save Open the extract file for weeks 54 to 65 and change the Periods to 1 to 12, save Navigate to desktop/application/task/run rollover Ensure all users are out of the system Select the Treasury rollover set and run. this will zero both categories and increment the years by 1 Now load the two extract files to recreate TreasuryLY, and the first 12 weeks of this year.

consolidate all orgs for the treasury categories, lock periods as required.


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