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Updating Shared Services Registry with Host Name for SHARED_SERVICES_PRODUCT/LOGICAL_WEB_APP Fails with Error 'Multiple host components exist for host name'
Posted by Priya Doyle on 16 November 2010 01:41 PM


Applies to:

Hyperion Financial Management - Version: to - Release: 11.1 to 11.1
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Updating Shared Services Registry with host name for SHARED_SERVICES_PRODUCT/LOGICAL_WEB_APP fails with error 'Multiple host components exist for host name'.


Shared Services Registry contains two components with the same host name for LOGICAL_WEB_APP. Only one of these components contains children and is linked to LOGICAL_WEB_APP.


Check if Shared Services LOGICAL_WEB_APP contains more than one component with the same host name:

1. Open command prompt and navigate to ~\Hyperion\common\config\
2. Execute VIEW SHARED_SERVICES_PRODUCT/LOGICAL_WEB_APP with epmsys_registry in command prompt and write the output in flat file.

~:\Hyperion\common\config\>epmsys_registry view SHARED_SERVICES_PRODUCT/LOGICAL_WEB_APP > filename.txt

~:\Hyperion\common\config\>notepad filename.txt

C:\Hyperion\common\config\>epmsys_registry view SHARED_SERVICES_PRODUCT/LOGICAL_WEB_APP > host.txt

C:\Hyperion\common\config\>notepad host.txt

Check the host.txt file created in the folder for LOGICAL_WEB_APP components with the same host name.

Delete component with duplicate host name for LOGICAL_WEB_APP. This component will not contain any children components:

1. Open command prompt and navigate to ~\Hyperion\common\config\
2. From file host.txt in the example above copy the ID of the HOST that you want to delete.
3. Execute epmsys_registry deletecomponent #<ID> in command prompt.

~\Hyperion\common\config\>epmsys_registry deletecomponent #<ID>

C:\Hyperion\common\config\>epmsys_registry deletecomponent #b62baa7b223eb

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