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ERROR: "Data and/or status cannot be changed because the sub-cube is locked" while running Calculate
Posted by Priya Doyle on 02 December 2010 08:03 AM

ERROR: "Data and/or status cannot be changed because the sub-cube is locked" while running Calculate

 Modified 26-MAY-2010 

Applies to:

Hyperion Financial Management - Version: to - Release: 3.5 to 11.1
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Any attempt to perform a "Calculate" action on a data cell or block of data cells results in the error message "Data and/or status cannot be changed because the sub-cube is locked"


The subcube that the user is trying to write the data or/and update status is locked.

All subcubes that the Calculate routine is trying to impact should be unlocked in order to write data and/or update the Calculation Status to OK.


1.   Make sure that any inactive entities (if the OrgByPeriod is enabled) is unlocked including in Value dimension members higher than the [Parent] value member.


2- If the application rules contain an HS.ImpactStatus statement that is trying to impact a locked period, make sure that the subcube that this HS.ImpactStatus rule should update has also been unlocked.

3. Ensure that the subcube that HFM is trying to write data into is not locked.


How to Check Locked / Unlocked Status

To check which entities are locked and unlocked in each Value dimension member, it is recommended to build a Data Grid in the HFM Windows 32-bit client program, or in the HFM web interface, with Value dimensions in columns (all members from [None] to [Contribution Total]) and Entities in rows (entire hierarchy of the Entity dimension).  

Set a fixed Scenario, Year, Period and valid Account and Custom 1-4 combination in the Point of View.   Change the Display Status if necessary to show the Locked/Unlocked status of the cell.   Locked cells should appear grey.   Unlocked cells should display data.

Drill around in the entities and their value members to identify locked cells and unlock them as necessary to enable the Calculate routine to be performed succesfully.


If further assistance is required...

If unable to resolve the issue, open a Call/SR with the Concentric Helpdesk/Oracle Global Customer Support. 

Be sure to supply screenshots of the above grid, as well as the HsvEventLog.log file from the HFM application server and if possible an extract of the Task Audit log.

Always describe in the Service Request description exactly which Point Of View fails to calculate (Scenario, Year, Period, Entity) and when this same Point of View was last succesfully calculated, whether there have been any changes to the rules or metadata since last succesful calculation etc.

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